Sunday, 15 May 2011

Pretty Peach Birthday Cupcakes for Friends

This order came from my old friend, Shawa. Shawa and me came along way from our London days. We met 11 years ago, and are still friends and keep in contact till now.  Shawa used to baby-sit Meisha 3-times a week whenever I had to go to college to see PhD my supervisor. Now that Shawa and her family are back for good in Malaysia, I hope I can see her and her kids more regularly. Anyway, I received a text message at 9.30 am on Thursday morning (a day before I had my miscarriage) from her requesting me to do cupcakes for her friends (2 of them) birthday. She confirmed everything by 11 am (16 pcs, buttercream with any design of my choice). I straight away went to work with the cuppies as she wanted to pick them up at 3 pm! Anyway, I finished everything at 2 pm. Shawa came to pick up the cuppies at 3 pm and we had a long chat about life in Malaysia in general and more. Great company!

16 pcs, Buttercream, RM45

Peach coloured cuppies for the grown-ups

Extra 6 cupcakes for her children :)

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