Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Hantaran cupcakes bound for Sarawak :)

Another request for a hantaran cupcakes. This time it was from my neighbour, Iza, who ordered these cupcakes for her brother's wedding. The wedding was held in Kuching, so these babies pun naik kapal terbang :)  Customers seem to like this design and keep requesting this pattern. Personally, I love this design too. Simple, sweet but extremely beautiful (to my eyes) :)

"Happy Friendship Day" Cupcakes

This order came from Syikin. She wanted a set of fondant cupcakes for her gathering with friends. She also asked me to write "Happy Friendship Day"  on the cupcakes. But I think the stickers I made here are much cuter :)

Birthday Cuppies for A Beloved Auntie

This order came from Watie's friend, Janet. She wanted cupcakes for her auntie's birthday - has to be sweet and simple. She also ordered another box for her family :)

Birthday Cuppies for Boss

This order is from Watie. She wanted 2 boxes of cupcakes for her boss's birthday party. Blue is the theme colour, of course :)

Door Gifts for Nikah Ceremony

This order came from Kak Sabihah - she ordered 50 pieces of Door Gifts cupcakes for her niece's solemnisation ceremony. Her theme colour of choice is dark purple :)

Cupcakes ready to be delivered

Complete with a small spoon

Barbie cupcakes for a little girl

This order came from my husband's work colleague. Her daughter is a big fan of Barbie - so, she requested these Barbie cupcakes for her special girl. I personally love this design :)

Birthday Cuppies for his beloved wife

This order came from my husband's colleague. He wanted these cupcakes to give to his wife on her birthday (He has ordered before, for their anniversary - click here Anniversary Cupcakes ) . This time, I included a bouquet of roses too :) When he came to pick up the cupcakes, he said "I have never given flowers to my wife" but I can see how happy he was that I was helping him to do something special for his wife. Well, there's always a first for everything, right? :)

Pink cupcakes for Hanny

I will be uploading more photos by tomorrow. These are the long overdue photos since last year.

This order was from a close friend, Hanny. She wanted something sweet and simple for makan-makan event for her balik kampung trip :)