Saturday, 28 May 2011

From a loving husband to his beautiful wife on their anniversary...

This order is from Qadri, one of my husband's colleague. He wanted to surprise his wife on their anniversary and his request to me was "create something very special that will impress my wife". I was touched by his gesture to do something romantic for his wife (and hopefully this effort will put him in her good book for at least the next anniversary), so I agreed,  even though he only gave me 24 hours notice! I started to think of the design. I wanted the cupcakes to represent a bouquet of flowers (but edible) - something which will look sweet and very pretty in the end. I spent several hours making the little roses and the little flowers and spent another hour putting them all together. It was so tiring, but I  was rather pleased with the end results!

When I passed him the cuppies the next day, he was SO gobsmacked and he's certain that his wife will  love them. The next morning, I received a text message from him, thanking me for baking and making the cupcakes. He also said that his wife loved the cupcakes so much and was rather impressed with his "romanticness". Knowing that I brought joy to someone else with my creations just make me feel so wonderful inside :)

Cupcakes resembling a bouquet of roses - in white, red and pink colour combo.
16 pcs, Fondant and Gumpaste, RM130 (also suitable for engagement or wedding hantaran)

"Happy Anniversary" and "I love you" stickers for added effect as I am not a big fan of letterings on cupcakes

Ready to be delivered :)

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  1. Yes i was indeed impressed by his 'romanticness', thanx 2 u!!