Saturday, 28 May 2011

And yet another order from Zuriati

My friend, Zuriati, has now declared that she is addicted to my buttercream vanilla cupcakes! She ordered again yesterday (twice in a week!). This time for 25 pcs instead of the usual 16 pcs. Additionally, her office colleague placed an order for her anniversary celebration. She wanted 16 pcs - with 8 in pink (for her) and 8 in blue (for her husband) with cute stickers on top.

For Zuriati - 25 pcs, Buttercream, RM65

For Zuriati's colleague - Pink and blue for wife and hubby on their anniversary
16 pcs, Buttercream, Gumpaste Flower - RM50

Cute stickers are a must!

Beautifully wrapped by Wonderful Favors

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