Saturday, 28 May 2011

And yet another order from Zuriati

My friend, Zuriati, has now declared that she is addicted to my buttercream vanilla cupcakes! She ordered again yesterday (twice in a week!). This time for 25 pcs instead of the usual 16 pcs. Additionally, her office colleague placed an order for her anniversary celebration. She wanted 16 pcs - with 8 in pink (for her) and 8 in blue (for her husband) with cute stickers on top.

For Zuriati - 25 pcs, Buttercream, RM65

For Zuriati's colleague - Pink and blue for wife and hubby on their anniversary
16 pcs, Buttercream, Gumpaste Flower - RM50

Cute stickers are a must!

Beautifully wrapped by Wonderful Favors

From a loving husband to his beautiful wife on their anniversary...

This order is from Qadri, one of my husband's colleague. He wanted to surprise his wife on their anniversary and his request to me was "create something very special that will impress my wife". I was touched by his gesture to do something romantic for his wife (and hopefully this effort will put him in her good book for at least the next anniversary), so I agreed,  even though he only gave me 24 hours notice! I started to think of the design. I wanted the cupcakes to represent a bouquet of flowers (but edible) - something which will look sweet and very pretty in the end. I spent several hours making the little roses and the little flowers and spent another hour putting them all together. It was so tiring, but I  was rather pleased with the end results!

When I passed him the cuppies the next day, he was SO gobsmacked and he's certain that his wife will  love them. The next morning, I received a text message from him, thanking me for baking and making the cupcakes. He also said that his wife loved the cupcakes so much and was rather impressed with his "romanticness". Knowing that I brought joy to someone else with my creations just make me feel so wonderful inside :)

Cupcakes resembling a bouquet of roses - in white, red and pink colour combo.
16 pcs, Fondant and Gumpaste, RM130 (also suitable for engagement or wedding hantaran)

"Happy Anniversary" and "I love you" stickers for added effect as I am not a big fan of letterings on cupcakes

Ready to be delivered :)

Another buttercream cupcakes

This order was from an old friend, Aween. She wanted buttercream cupcakes, with any design of my choice. She also wanted to give 5 or 6 pieces of the cupcakes to her nephew who is celebrating his birthday. The boy loves Ben 10, so I baked six Ben 10 cuppies especially for him! Thanks Aween :)

 18 cupcakes, Buttercream + Edible Image, RM55

From Papa to Lysa

This order was from Azizi for his daughter, Lysa. I wanted to add cute stickers to the cuppies, but I was pressed for time, so I had to skip the idea. Maybe next time :). However, I replaced the stickers with some cute white daisies for extra effect.

16 pcs, buttercream, gumpaste flowers, RM50

Baked with love by Wonderful Favors

Another order from a loyal customer..

I received a message on my phone at 8.30 am last Thursday morning (when I was still asleep) from my friend, Zuriati, with a message "I really, really miss your cupcakes and I want it today. Can you bake some and send them to me by lunch time?" I didn't have the heart to say no, so I said yes. Coincidently, I was supposed to deliver a box of cupcakes the day after to another friend, Azizi- so I called him up and asked whether I can send them today instead. He said yes, and I started baking straight away. Both of them ordered a box 16 cupcakes each, buttercream with simple design.

16 pcs, Buttercream, RM45

Monday, 23 May 2011

A new arrival - a baby girl

My old friend, Lynda came over on Friday night for a chat. We have not seen each other for a long time, so it was nice to see her again. From food to men to work to cupcakes, she told me that she is attending a small gathering with friends to celebrate a new arrival of one of her girlfriends. She wanted something cute and pretty looking and it's up to me to come up with the design. So I baked and decorated these cuppies in pink and white - with daisies to brighten them up. I also printed out some cute "It's a girl" stickers  to add the effect. I really like the finished product and Lynda confirmed that the cuppies were a hit with the kids and she was the most popular auntie at the party :)

25 pcs, Buttercream and Gumpaste Flower, RM70

Pretty in pink with white daisies

Stickers for added "cuteness"

Brown / Cream Cupcakes

I have very busy over the weekend and didn't have time to update the photos much sooner. Anyway, here's an order from a friend, Tina, on behalf of her officemate. He wanted buttercream cupcakes in brown  - simple but sweet design. So I came up with these babies :)

16  pcs, Buttercream with Gumpaste, RM65

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Brown and Gold request..

I received a phone call from my best friend Tina, this morning while I was sleeping for a cake order. People always call me while I was sleeping, somehow - especially when it comes to ordering cupcakes :) (granted, it was 11.30 am and I was still sleeping. I have been having rough nights since the miscarriages, can't really sleep even though I was exhausted. So, most nights, I went to bed around 1 or 2 am in the morning). Anyway, the cupcakes are for her officemate who is getting engaged this weekend. They will come and pick up the cupcakes tomorrow. He wanted something in brown and gold, which is the theme colour for the engagement party. I didn't have gold colour in hand (and I can't go out and drive as I am still in my mini confinement period) - so I suggested something brown-ish with cream colour instead. He wanted buttercream cupcakes with little fondant decorations. So, today, I prepare all the decorations - simple daisy flowers and heart shapes in brown. Will update more tomorrow with pictures of the finished cupcakes :)

Some daisies and heart shapes for the cupcakes 

Tea Party with Girlfriends

My lovely girlfriends turned up last Saturday to cheer me up (after my miscarriage) and to celebrate my belated birthday (we were supposed to go to an all-girls-spa-day-out on Saturday but had to cancel due to my circumstances). Serena brought her cute portable tea sets. Ros and her also baked all those lovely scones and pastries, while Liz and Hawa brought over some more scrumptious treats - cupcakes and macaroons. They arranged everything for me. All I had to do is, sit down and eat! Great eh? :) We had a wonderful time. They even brought me birthday presents! I was touched by their gestures and efforts. The best belated birthday party ever! Thanks so much guys and love you lots!! xxx 

Serena, Ros and Hawa - Smile... whilst fixing the cupcake stand

Liz: This cupcake is mine! 

Table setting

Home made scones and pain-au-chocolat

My birthday presents - 
I have also wanted a Mitch Turner's book, Cake Masterclass and got one! The Hummingbird Bakery  cook book also contains great recipes from their bakery. I will write something about the books in the future. Still have a lot of flipping to do! :)

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Pretty Peach Birthday Cupcakes for Friends

This order came from my old friend, Shawa. Shawa and me came along way from our London days. We met 11 years ago, and are still friends and keep in contact till now.  Shawa used to baby-sit Meisha 3-times a week whenever I had to go to college to see PhD my supervisor. Now that Shawa and her family are back for good in Malaysia, I hope I can see her and her kids more regularly. Anyway, I received a text message at 9.30 am on Thursday morning (a day before I had my miscarriage) from her requesting me to do cupcakes for her friends (2 of them) birthday. She confirmed everything by 11 am (16 pcs, buttercream with any design of my choice). I straight away went to work with the cuppies as she wanted to pick them up at 3 pm! Anyway, I finished everything at 2 pm. Shawa came to pick up the cuppies at 3 pm and we had a long chat about life in Malaysia in general and more. Great company!

16 pcs, Buttercream, RM45

Peach coloured cuppies for the grown-ups

Extra 6 cupcakes for her children :)

Baby in... baby out.. Bye-bye baby :(

In my previous post, I broke the news that I was 6 weeks pregnant. Well, not anymore. I had a miscarriage several days ago, at 7 weeks. We're devastated but accepted the fact that it was not meant to be this time. Better luck next time, I guess. Anyway, life has to go on. I am now on 2 weeks mini-confinement (in our culture, a woman has to go through some sort of health regime called confinement after each delivery or miscarriage. This involves no going out for a specific number of days (minimum 44 days after delivery or 14 days after a miscarriage), resting and no doing any heavy chores (this, I am not complaining) eating only specific kind of boring healthy food (mostly steamed vegetables and fish), taking yucky medications and have massages to relax and untangled any twisted veins and muscles. I am only on day 3 and already feeling restless and can't wait to start baking! Oh well, cupcakes can wait ;)

Monday, 9 May 2011

Birthday Cupcakes for Sharmien

These cupcakes are for my niece, Ameen's 17th birthday. She doesn't really like pink - so I had to do something in other colour. I chose baby blue with little pink hearts on top :)

Birthday Treat in Penang..

It's been a while since I updated the blog. I have been very busy with other things, namely helping a friend planned her sister's wedding. We have been here and there, sourcing and buying stuff for her hantaran, door gifts, and other things. By the time I get home, I am normally too tired to do anything else, including updating the blog.

Anyway, during the May 1st Labour Day holiday, my family and I went to Penang for a short break. It's also to celebrate my 36th 25th birthday ;) The last time I went to Penang was 11 years ago, for our honeymoon. Now, we came back to Penang with our two + 1 kids (oh, btw I am also 6 weeks pregnant - too happy). It was a good holiday, not that great especially as the traffic was horrendous in Georgetown. Anyway, a holiday is a holiday - it's always great to spend time with each other :)

Some holiday snapshots here..

Meisha doing her pose as usual

Look, butterflies!

There's another one here, mummy

Hard Rock rocks!