Thursday, 13 October 2011

100 mini cupcakes for training colleagues

Another order from the training centre. This time, it's from Geetha for her party. She wanted baby blue mini + pink cupcakes. So, I did one box in pink and another in baby blue. "Excellent cupcakes, they were a hit with the kids" she said afterwards. Thanks for the order Geetha  :)

Baby Blue Cupcakes for Papa

This order dari kawan lama ex-primary schoolmate, Siti. She contacted me via facebook and then by phone - saying that she wanted birthday cuppies for her husband.. Her colour of choice is baby blue and she wanted something similar like what I did for Mimi's mum birthday cuppies.

100 mini cupcakes for the Centre Manager

This order is from the Training Centre Manager I am attached to at the moment, Kak Azlin. She wanted 100 mini cupcakes for a party at her house - mainly for the children. I did one box for adults, and another for the kiddos. I was pressed for time, so tak sempat to decorate the cupcakes lebih-lebih. Wanted to put football chocolates on the grass, but she came to pick up earlier than expected. So I just sprinkled some coloured mini balls on top

Hantaran Cupcakes for An Ex - Student

This order was from Afzan of Indah Water. My ex-training student. She ordered 2 sets of fondant cupcakes for her brother's engagement party and 1 set of buttercream for her relatives. Theme for the fondant cupcakes are baby blue, pink and lilac. She liked the design I did for Malissa's hantaran and wanted something similar :)

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Only RM2.80 per box (for order above 300 pcs)
L size (2.5 oz), with matching ribbons and colour to suit your theme

Birthday Cupcakes for Ibu

This order was from Mimi - an old friend from my secondary school days. She called from Lumut, Perak to order some cupcakes for her mother who lives in Kuala Lumpur. A friend came to pick up the cupcakes from me. Her request: something beautiful and sweet. Here what I came up with :

Door Gifts for Malissa and Fuad's Wedding

This order from Malissa and Fuad again. Door gifts for their guest, 500 pcs of box cupcakes (pink and lilac theme) with ribbons and thank you tag. I also give them 15 extra cupcakes as a goodwill for their order :)