Monday, 13 June 2011

Fun Cupcakes Decorating Class

I organised this class / workshop for my friends' kids during the school holiday. There were supposed to be 5 participants, but 3 of them had to cancelled at the last minute due to a family emergency. Nevertheless, even with just 2 students, plus my daughter, Meisha, and my son, Mika - we had SO much fun and the dining table were jam-packed with stuff!

I prepared the cupcakes early on, and provided lots and lots of decorating options for the kids - sugar sprinkles, candy, fondant and much-much more. I taught the children some basic piping techniques, and taught them how to mould fondant / gumpaste into bees, flowers and teddy bears. The results were outstanding! See for yourself :)

Decorating options - only imagination needed :)

Lysya showing off her bees

Yaya digged into the buttercream while Meisha looked on

Lysya piping the "grass"

Everybody is busy at work :)

The kids creations! WOW!!


Certificate for Yaya and Lysya

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