Monday, 13 June 2011

Birthday Cuppies for Mom - from a daughter, far, far away

This order is from my friend, Sherry, who lives in London. She sent me a message asking whether I can bake some cupcakes for her mom's birthday, which was on the 11th June. She also requested me to put fresh flowers on the cupcake box and deliver the gifts personally to her mom in Kelana Jaya, Kuala Lumur. So I bake these cuppies, 25 pcs - a mix of buttercream and fondant - with fresh flowers included.

It was so nice meeting her mom again (the last time we met was when Sherry was back in Malaysia a year ago) and we chatted for a while. Auntie was really really happy to receive the cuppies :)

Buttercream and fondant mix - dark pink and lilac roses

Happy Birthday Mak (i.e. mak is mom in Malay) :)

Fresh flowers included as requested

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