Tuesday, 26 April 2011

First and foremost..

from Computer Scientist to Domestic Goddess Slave ;)

Salam and hello to all of you. This is my first post for Wonderful Favors. Hello to everybody and hope you like the website and the cupcakes! :)

 I was a computer scientist by training, but amazingly, I have developed much hatred working with computers (esp programming) after so many years.  Most part of my working life, I have been a researcher for many years. I embarked on a PhD course in Computer Science, but gave up after several years and after publishing several research papers in renowned international journals. Why did I quit? Mainly due to the fact that I just fell out of love with Computer Science and had lost motivation to stay focus on my research area. I still love doing research and writing, though, but in other areas. Now, I only use computers for leisure - facebooking, emailing, surfing etc even though I still have requests to do freelance projects. As such, I have to rediscover new passions in life - anything, other than sitting in front of the computer debugging codes or designing websites or setting up e-commerce sites. So, here, I am - I came back as a baker!

After several years at home, I've decided that I need to do something to kill the boredom (finally!). Mr Darling is a very busy busy man. One of us had to sacrifice and stay home to look after the children (with the help of a maid, of course). That someone is me. I love my children very much (Meisha is 9, and Mika is 3) and I love the idea of being at home, being there for them. I have always love cooking and baking especially for my children. My  hubby and I, advocate the idea of eating at home, and most importantly, meals cooked by mom (with love, of course) even though we have a maid. Having lived overseas for more than a decade, we are always very careful with what we eat, the ingredients in our meals (halal) and what we buy from the shop. My children like any other kids, love desserts - I hate the idea of my children eating cakes and desserts from the shops with lots of preservatives and additives - (research has shown there is a link between children's behaviour and the consumptions of preservatives, additives and colourings in the food they eat). This has been the motivation factor for me to learn how to cook and bake (I can at least control what goes inside my food) - from buying tons of cooking books to try out the recipes, to searching the web for more recipes and  attending classes.

I like to invite friends to come over for a meal, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. I have been cooking, making desserts and baking cupcakes for friends for a while now. I just don't have the time or the desire to create a website for my baking projects, initially. Now that I get quite a bit of orders from friends, and friends of  friends, I am becoming tired of emailing and repeating the same kind of information all over again. I guess, having a website is the way to go for any small scale home-business like mine.

Anyway, enjoy the journey with me and hope you like the website and the cakes :) . oh by the way, close friends called me Mummy or Azy, so either one is okay with me :)

Bake with Love,
Mummy Azy

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